Kelly Morrell

Why We Support YFC

If you were going fishing and someone told you the G.P.S. coordinates of a HOT SPOT which contained 85% of the fish in the lake, where would you fish?  How much time and resources would you spend fishing in the rest of the lake? 

Now, if you had the opportunity to have legendary, professional anglers such as Al Lindner and Jimmy Houston in the boat, would you team up with them? For Amy and I, the answers seem obvious and our response would be, “Whoopee!!!  When can we go?”

This logic and enthusiasm is the same way we feel about our decision to support Youth for Christ.

Approximately, 85% of Christians today made their decision to accept Jesus as their Savior prior to the age of 18.  The Youth are the HOT SPOT for expanding God’s Kingdom.    YFC focuses 100% of their time and energy on this Hot Spot. 

In addition, we would parallel Linder and Houston’s fishing prowess to the talents of Bob Poe and Tom Burton as professional “fishers of men”.    Bob, Tom, and the rest of the YFC team have a passion and proven history for reaching kids for Christ.  

We are fortunate to have this effective ministry in our local community.

Kelly and Amy Morrell